Apple Picking at Thiessen Orchards

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Thiessen Orchards is located in the most southern part of Canada for ideal growing conditions .

In December of 1926, Grandfather Jacob Thiessen came to Canada from the Ukraine (South Russia). He worked as a sharecropper on a farm owned by a Mr. Scott for seven years before he purchased a tobacco farm in 1933. Jacob grew tobacco for many years before he turned his hand to growing cucumbers in a new greenhouse he had built in 1941, and in 1949 he tried his luck with chrysanthemums. Mums bloom naturally in the fall, and as other producers saturated this market, Jacob began using black out systems in order to harvest weekly on a year round basis.

Son Peter came home from schooling at Michigan State University in 1961 and began to help his father on the farm. With new ideas and young energy, Peter decided to trial some rose plants in 1965.

Grandfather Jacob had planted 10 acres of apple trees prior to Peter’s return from school. These trees were harvested in 1969. At this time, the wholesale market for apples was less than desirable, so Gloria (who married Peter in September of 1966) decided to sell apples at the road. She placed a little wagon with apples at the roadside, and a year later, Pick Your Own Apples at Thiessen Orchards was open. The first year was very slow, and has since grown to an apple picking season of 7 days a week, 6 weeks a year, with numerous other amenities available.

Family helped Peter and Gloria in the beginning years – making pies, selling apples, helping in the “Kountry Kitchen”. After several years, the business became self-sustaining, and is now operated with very reliable staff and friends who help in making the business successful. The founders, Peter and Gloria, are still very active in the business, and are happy that the next generation is showing an interest in the operation.

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away”?

But why? Do you really know what makes an apple so special? Why is it that we never hear an orange or a banana a day keeps the doctor away? Apples have properties that no other fruits have and its benefits have been proven overtime. You will be able to get the benefits of these properties individually with other fruits, but an apple combines everything and makes it simpler. It has been shown over and over that if it’s not simple, easy and fast, people won’t take care of their health.

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