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by Computer Training Admin on April 7, 2010 · 0 comments

By enrolling in WEST’s Management Training Program, you not only get the 3 CMA exams, but you also have the opportunity to write the Microsoft Word 2007 exam and the Microsoft Excel 2007 exam.  As a Microsoft Certified Trainer, I have passed both exams (perfect on the Excel exam!), so I know how to prepare you to pass the exams.  Not only do I give you the knowledge you need to know, but I also pass on all the tips, tricks, and hints necessary to pass any Microsoft exam.  Microsoft has a whole philosphy to their exams, such as using double negatives and using terms you may not be familiar with.  See it first with me so you won’t be surprised on the exam.

This is a great opportunity to upgrade your Microsoft Office skills.  If you have Office 2003, then you do not need to upgrade to Office 2007.  Many companies are still using Office 2003, so don’t feel pressured into upgrading.  There is a big difference between the two, but if you know one, you can figure out the other one.  Office 2010, which is out June 2010, will be similar to Office 2007, so it will help with this upgrade.

Once you have written the exams, you will have access to the Microsoft logo that you can add to your resume.  Very professional looking.

If you need the Office 2007 software, please see me.

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