I AM…Windsor Essex

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‘I AM … Windsor-Essex’- the power of visual arts to achieve social goals

A visual journey celebrating Windsor Essex community members from different backgrounds, preserving their own history and culture as they live and work together in this community, ‘I AM …Windsor-Essex’ is giving the people in the community a chance to tell their stories to their families, communities, and world.

Will help to facilitate social cohesion.

Diverse communities are brought together with the help of ‘I AM…Windsor-Essex’, providing opportunities for residents to reflect on their shared and individual experiences. ‘I AM…Windsor-Essex’ will provide a forum for intercultural understanding and friendship and make visible those people who have traditionally been invisible in community. ‘I AM…Windsor-Essex’ will give people the opportunity to interact socially thereby reducing isolation by helping people to make friends and strengthening community networks.

Will be used to brand a community and set it apart from others.

A unique city vision will be created through a series of visuals (video/stills), one that helps in marketing the community nationally, and appealing directly to local citizens. Will help foster a sense of ownership, belonging, and pride within a community. A sense of civic pride in residents can be achieved through ‘I AM…Windsor-Essex’; many struggling members will use it as a means of redefining the community’s collective identity.

Will help to preserve a collective memory and foster a continuing dialogue about the past.

Images live beyond the lifespan of the individuals who created them thereby leaving a legacy for the next generation. Community events create a common memory of the event and a positive commemoration of special occasions.

‘I AM…Windsor Essex’ campaign is an Ontario Community Builders project funded by the Government of Ontario.

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